Insurance possibilities

Car racing insurances at affordable rates with low excess! Racing insurance is now affordable for everyone and with low excess! The insurance can be adjusted to your own needs, such as:

The amount of the insured value (It’s not necessary to insure the full value, so the problem of under-insurance doesn’t apply!)


Coverage (contact and/or fire damage)


Coverage characteristics are:

  • The insurance only covers damage to your own car
  • It doesn’t matter who’s to blame; whether you sustained damage due to your own fault or because of someone else’s fault is irrelevant
  • Contact-damage caused by contact with the ground (breaking your crankcase by driving over the curbstones for example) is not covered by the car racing insurance
  • Fire related damage at the circuit is covered no matter what caused the damage
  • In cooperation with you, someone will be appointed to repair the damage to your car (someone from your own racing team or a mechanic from the manufacturer)

Coverage Period (trackday, single events or entire season)

Multiple drivers on one policy is a possibility has a solution for every racing class both nationally and internationally. Here are some examples of racing classes for which we can provide a suitable car racing insurance:

  • Touring cars
  • Formula cars
  • Endurance
  • Rally cars
  • Historic cars